West Hills NC

Community/Senior Center Ad hoc Committee

Steve Randall
Committee Chair

Current members:
  • Aida Abkarians
  • Dan Brin
  • Margery Brown
  • Steve Randall
  • Ron Sobel
  • Char Rothstein
  • Reeyan Raynes
  • Myrl Schreibman
  • Brad Vanderhoof
  • Joan Trent
  • Ivan Blume (Community Stakeholder)
  • Mary Crescenzo (Community Stakeholder)
  • Faye Barta (Community Stakeholder)

Mission Statement:

"The mission of this committee is to help establish a viable Cultural, Community & Senior Center for the community of West Hills"

Committee Operating Rules: CLICK HERE

News & Initiatives:

Community/Senior Center Initiative:

The West Hills Neighborhood Council’s Community & Senior Center Ad-hoc Committee has been working to establish a Center in West Hills to improve the quality of life for the residents of the west San Fernando Valley by providing cultural, community and senior activities and services.

Our vision includes an approximately 10,000-sq. ft. building with a large assembly room/auditorium, a kitchen, offices and meeting rooms. The center’s programs will include cultural events, services for seniors and the disabled, lectures, classes, health screenings, tutoring programs and other multi-generational activities, and emergency services when needed.  

The renderings below are a visual illustration of concepts and ideas of how the center would look and function. In no way are these renderings the official or final designs of the center, but rather serve as an visual aid and working draft of the future and vision of what the center could be in the West Hills community.

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Meetings (Agendas, Minutes, Documents)

Meeting Agenda
Aug 15, 2017
Meeting Agenda
Jun 20, 2017
Meeting Agenda
May 16, 2017
Meeting Agenda
Apr 24, 2017
Meeting Minutes
Apr 24, 2017
Meeting Agenda
Feb 21, 2017
Meeting Minutes
Feb 21, 2017
Meeting Agenda
Jan 17, 2017
Meeting Minutes
Jan 17, 2017
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