West Hills NC

Michael Teitelbaum

How long have you lived in West Hills?
I have lived in West hills for 5 years.

What year did you join the WHNC?
December 2015

Why did you join the WHNC?
I Wanted to take a more active and vocal role in my community. I also wanted to learn more about the inner working of local government and about how the city of Los Angeles functions.

What do you consider are the major challenges facing West Hills?
Balancing the need for affordable housing in Los Angeles with the lack of desire from the community for new development.

What committee(s) are you a member?
Communications of which I am Co-Chair, Environmental, Beautification, Zoning and Planing, and I am interested in the Government Relations committee

What committees do you chair?
I am the Co-Chair of the Communications Committee, there I use my years of industry expertise as a Creative Director and Web Developer to advise on technical aspects of the communications agenda and monthly I design and build the West Hills Neighborhood Councils Monthly Newsletter.

What are the goals you hope to accomplish on behalf of the Council and our stakeholders in the coming year?
To Increase awareness of the existence of the council amongst West Hills stakeholders through not only our Social Media and Email campaigns but through robust and exciting family orientated events that can help bring the community together.
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