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Barry Seybert

I am one of the four original Neighborhood Council members. I chair the Streets and Transportation Committee and represent West Hills on the Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils.

I designed the Welcome to West Hills signs mounted on the poles as you enter West Hills.

I care about our community. I want it to remain clean and safe. I'm an advocate against high density housing and to protect our hillsides and open space.

I respond to residents and work with City officials to keep our streets some of the best in the City. We do have some bad residential streets and I've been trying to get them on the list for repaving.

I wrote motions to ban ad trailers before City Council took action and now am working on removing ad vans from our community.

I'm on the SSFL CAG working towards the clean up of the Field Lab. I support saving structures there as museum pieces, yet cleaning up sufficiently to make us safe. I support on-site cleanup to reduce truck traffic into West Hills
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