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Reeyan Raynes

    I am a recent High School graduate from Sierra Canyon School in Chatsworth and have had the pleasure of serving the West Hills community since my appointment in April of 2015. My involvement in the community began out of a summer of boredom and the desire to fill up my time with something productive. Having had a previous passion for emergency preparedness, I became involved in the emergency preparedness community in the Valley area which eventually landed me on the doorsteps of the WHNC, After being involved with several committees of the council for over a year, I was urged and asked by members of the community to run for an open seat and was fortunate to be appointed with full voting privilege (with the exception of budgetary items) despite my age.

    I am the Co-Chair of the Beautification Committee as well as a member of mutiple committees ranging from the Zoning Planning Committee to Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness Committee. As one of the youngest members in the Neighborhood Council systems, I naturally am involved in managing the WHNC social media accounts and am one of a few board members that helps administer this website and other outreach efforts in West Hills. Also, as an aspiring architect/urban planner, I am  heavily involved in the Zoning & Planning Committee where I currently serve as an liaison for the Committee on several major developments occurring in West Hills. On top of being involved with many other committees in many different capacities, my continued goal as your official representitive to the City of Los Angeles is to ensure that your voice, needs, and desires are represented at city hall.

    If you ever have any concerns, questions, and/or comments, don't hesitate to contact me at (323)896-2326 or reeyan.raynes@westhillsnc.org.
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