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Steve Randall

Position: Board Member At-Large
Email: steve.randall@westhillsnc.org
Term Ends: 2018
Stakeholder Type: Resident and/or property owner


Steve Randall attended Hamilton High School in West Los Angeles and
graduated in the Class of Summer 1964. He attended Cal State Northridge,
where he studied psychology, pre-med, business and business law, and earned a
Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration/Finance. Thereafter, he studied
law for one year at a private law school here in the San Fernando Valley.
Steve Randall was born and raised in West Los Angeles. He grew up in the
Pico/La Cienega area, and in 1963 moved with his family to Westwood. He
was married in 1970 and has two grown daughters. From 1974 to 1988 he
resided in Beverlywood. Thereafter, he lived in Beverly Hills and moved to
Encino in 1995. He became a resident of West Hills in 1997, where he owns a
home and resides.

At the age of 13, he began working at his Father’s downtown business during
Saturdays and vacations. Upon graduation from Cal State Northridge, he was
hired by the Bank of America to go through a special management training
program. At the age of 24, he was a Vice President at Bank of America and
worked in one of their Beverly Hills locations.
Pursuing his entrepreneurial interests, at the age of 26 he opened a retail
Luggage, Leathergoods and Gift store in Ladera Heights, which he owned and
operated for 16 years. During that time he served as either the President or Vice
President of the Shopping Center’s Merchant’s Association for 13 years. He
was also the security liaison between the Shopping Center and the Sheriff’s
Department for 14 years.
During the past years, Steve Randall has engaged in various other business
activities. He was a Fine Art Gallery Director in Beverly Hills, a private Fine
Art Dealer, a Director of Marketing for an automotive service related product,
the General Manager of a retail Vintage Car Dealership, a Business Consultant,
and a Chief Financial Officer. When time permits, he currently devotes time
pursuing his interest in vintage automobiles.
Steve Randall began serving on the West Hills Neighborhood Council in 2012.
In March 2014 he was overwhelmingly re-elected for an additional 4 years.  He
is active on 10 of the 11 standing committees and on 3 ad-hoc committees, and
is the co-chair of the Environment Committee and the Community/Senior
Center Ad-hoc Committee.

Goals in and for West Hills:

I love West Hills, and own a home on a very pleasant street in a very quiet
neighborhood.  I am working on the clean-up of the contaminated Santa Susana
Field Laboratory site, getting our streets properly repaired and maintained,
developing a West Hills Emergency Preparedness program, creating a West
Hills Community & Senior Center, and making sure that proposed
developments are appropriate for our community.
It is my goal to continue to serve the community of West Hills to make it as
vibrant, attractive, safe and enjoyable as possible for those who live and work
here.  This is accomplished by working on the West Hills Neighborhood
Council in conjunction with the City and State governments.
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