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Simone Best

I’ve lived in West Hills for 10 years and see it as a small community, one that truly defines middle-class suburbia.  However this suburban community is on the edge of a massive urban city and the question becomes; how do we maintain our community feel while taking advantage of all the benefits a large metropolitan 21st century city has to offer? 

I got my answer when I was appointed to the Council in April, 2015.  I’m currently a member of the Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Committee, Budget Committee and co-chair Communications, Government Relations and Homelessness Committees.  I believe strongly in the democratic process and having our voices heard at the community and government levels to keep our community safe, clean and strong.

My personnel goals for WH are to raise the level of awareness of the WHNC among stakeholders in order to hear from you what you feel is important in our community.  Keep our community physically safe by supporting Neighborhood Watch’s and disaster preparedness.  Monitor and weigh-in on issues that come before the City Council, Mayor and other elected officials in order to protect our neighborhoods and our environment.  Suggest community projects to our City Council office that could improve the quality of life here in West Hills. 

I welcome your comments and suggestions for making West Hills the most livable community in the San Fernando Valley, [email protected]
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