Charlene Rothstein

Serving on the West Hills Neighborhood Council for the past eight years has given me the opportunity to act as a community liaison between stakeholders, city agencies and government officials for the betterment of the great city of West Hills.

Currently I serve as Vice-Preisdent/Co-Chair of the Council, Co-Chair of the Zoning & Planning Committee member and Chair of the Ad-Hoc Cell Tower Committee. While I believe in development, I also believe change must be done with repect to the community it serves.It is an honor to represent the best interests of the community of West Hills regarding developments, cell towes, and the continuing clean-up of the SSFL.
As a Theatre Arts major at Mount St. Mary's College and Long Beach State, follwed by a career in fil, television and radio, I've found that acting is an integral part of interfacing with government procedures.

My husband and I have lived in West Hills for over 20 years, have two grown children and own a business in West Hills. This is a wonderful city with a small town feel. My goal is to advance the quality of life in West Hills.

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