Carolyn Greenwood

I originally moved to the Valley, as a child, after WWII and lived in military housing. My
parents built a home in Pasadena which we moved into in 1953. I lived in the Pasadena
area until my husband brought me back to the Valley in August of 1974. When we bought
our home my husband, who grew up in the valley, told me to look around because in the
coming years it will probaably change. He was right I have seen many changes during the
last 42+ years.
I have worked as a stock girl, office manager, a bookkeeper, a legal secretary and lastly
several positions within the Depatment of Public Social Service. I retired in 2000 as a
Deputy District Director with 38 years of service. The job I am proudest of is that I am
the mother of three wonderful children all of whom are on their own paths.
I became involved in the West Hills Neighborhood Council in 2004 as the result of the
proposed development of the vacant lot adjecent to my home.. During this  process I
learned that while we can’t stop change, we do have the opoortunity to affect how it will
impact our community. I wish to continue working for the residents of West Hills as a
member of the Neighborhood Council so that I can be part of the voice that speaks for
our community.

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