Streets & Transportation Committee

Mission Statement:

"The mission of this Committee shall be to interface with and negotiate with the City of Los
Angeles, businesses and developers on matters concerning the  
signage, sidewalks, streets, and traffic control measures and devices within the boundaries [of West Hills]."

Current members:  ‚Äč

  • Faye Barta
  • Heidi Manning (Community Stakeholder)
  • Jonathan Marvisi
  • Steve Randall (Community Stakeholder)
  • Myrl Schreibman (Community Stakeholder)
  • Brad Vanderhoof - Acting/Interim Chair
  • Zhelbert Zohrabian

News & Initiatives:

LA Streets -- Read Here
“Citywide Residential Speed Hump Program” CLICK HERE

Los Angeles Street Hump Program
OPENS In October of every year for a Limited Time

Documents CLICK HERE

Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) 85.02 – Vehicle Dwelling:

For more infroamtion about the ordinance and its related covenants: 

To see a map of permissible streets where living in a vehicle is allowed in West Hills:  Not Applicable at this time.

Safe Sidewalks LA:

The City of Los Angeles has made a historic commitment to invest $1.4 billion over 30 years to fix sidewalks around the city and make them accessible to everyone! These repairs will improve neighborhood safety and boost the quality of life. Sidewalk repairs are being made in front of city facilities and this next phase is an expansion of the repair program that will address broken sidewalks throughout the City of Los Angeles.

For more information on the programs and steps to get your sidewalk fixed in front of your home or business, CLICK HERE

Rebate Program:
 The Rebate Program is a limited-time offer for residents who are willing to pay for their own sidewalk repairs, then request a rebate for some or all of that cost. The purpose of the Rebate Program is to financially assist property owners who wish to voluntarily expedite the repair of their sidewalks to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.

Owners of properties located within the City of Los Angeles are eligible to apply. Property ownership and taxpayer identification information will be verified. Upon eligibility determination, a City representative will assess the sidewalk and determine the rebate amount.

The rebate amount will be based on the work required to make the sidewalk ADA compliant. The maximum rebate amount is limited to $2,000 per Lot for residential properties, and $4,000 per Lot for commercial and industrial properties.

For more detailed information on the program, and to begin an application for the Rebate Program, please visit the Rebate Program page, or call 311.

To see an active list of reparied or pending sidewalks in West Hills, CLICK HERE

Safe Sidwalks LA Draft Environmental Impact Report, CLICK HERE

Vision Zero Los Angeles:

In November, the Streets & Transportation Committee applied for a grant from Mayor Garcetti’s Vision Zero Los Angeles initiative to fund an education program at local high schools. The program would address the dangers of racing and reckless driving, among other issues.Vision Zero brings together transportation engineers, police officers, advocates and policymakers to create safer streets and eliminate traffic fatalities in Los Angeles by 2025. Special emphasis is placed on protecting the most vulnerable road users, including children, older adults and people who are walking and bicycling.

  • For more information about Vision Zero L.A., CLICK HERE
  • Quick Reference -- Vision Zero LA Fact Sheet, CLICK HERE

  • To see an interactive map and infogrpahic system of Vision Zero's statistics and plans, CLICK HERE
  • To see the 2017 Vision Zero Action Plan, CLICK HERE. For the interactive plan outline, CLICK HERE
  • To see the 2017 Safety Study, CLICK HERE
  • To see  active and planned projects and to see maps of locations of fatalities, CLICK HERE

Regulations that are applicable to electric scooters in Los Angeles include:

  • Scooters may not be operated on sidewalks
  • Scooters may not carry passengers
  • Scooters must be operated with the flow of traffic, when possible, and
  • Scooters may not operate at a speed greater than 15 MPH


For All City Service Requests, please call 311 ( or Dial (213) 473-3231) or CLICK HERE

  1. To submit a transportation or street sign/regulatory sign related service request, visit MyLADOT
  2. To report an abandoned vehicle, CLICK HERE
  3. To submit a Caltrans related request, CLICK HERE
  4. To view list of street closures due to resurfacing or construction, CLICK HERE
  5. To view a list of active street work repair/projects, CLICK HERE
  6. To see a map of Street Sweeping routes, CLICK HERE
  7. To find the process on how to request a crosswalk, CLICK HERE
  8. To  view street plans, traffic flow volume studies, location of street signs, and other transportation related items, visit Navigate LA
  9. Safe School Routes Los Angeles
  10. Safe Routes for Seniors
  11. Los Angeles Bike Program (Includes maps of Bike Routes)
  12. Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services
  13. Los Angeles Department of Transportation
  14. Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering

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